Universal Coil Spring Buffer & Block

Our coil spring buffers provide a simple solution to increase driving stability, weight tolerance, and some ground clearance, as well as extending the life of vehicle suspension systems.   

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Universal Leaf Spring Bump Stop

Our innovative modular bump stop adds strength and support to leaf springs.  They provide a stiffer suspension to stabilize and reduce swaying when towing or driving under load on your truck, SUV, Van, or RV.

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Improving Your Ride: Rubbershox MUBs vs. OEM Bump Stops

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    2-Year warranty with lifetime technical assistance.

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    Customer Review Program

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  • Material

    DuraTPE®​ Durable Thermoplastic Rubber – Environmentally friendly and Resistant to coil abrasion, oil, salt, gravel & UV radiation.

  • Improves Suspension​

    DuraTPE® Buffer enhances driving stability while extending the life of coil springs and the suspension system.​ 

  • Enhanced Stability​

    RubberShox®​ prevents coil sagging with a reinforced suspension. This absorbs and dissipates the shock from rough road conditions.​