About Us

Who is RubberShox® ?

RubberShox® specializes in durable industry-leading thermoplastic and natural rubber products to enhance the performance of automotive coil and leaf springs.

Our full line of coil spring buffers provide a simple solution to increase driving stability, weight tolerance, and some ground clearance, as well as extending the life of vehicle suspension systems.

Our innovative modular bump stop adds strength and support to leaf springs. They provide a stiffer suspension to stabilize and reduce swaying when towing or driving under load on your truck, SUV, Van, or RV.

RubberShox® Solutions

DuraTPE® Coil Spring Buffers

DuraTPE® Coil Spring Buffers are for front & rear coil spring suspension on Sedans & Light SUVs ​

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Universal Natural Rubber Leaf Spring Bump Stop​

Universal Bump Stop for rear suspension and performance enhancement with ground clearance lift on Trucks and Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

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Good Stewardship Policy

All RubberShox® Products are manufactured using Environmentally-Friendly TPE and Natural Rubber Materials which contribute to a cleaner earth for future generations. All products are maintenance free and they do not leak. Each Buffer, Booster and Bump Stop product is backed with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty in addition to lifetime tech support from RubberShox®​USA. This product is designed in USA and is patented pending.