RubberShox Receives Patent on their Latest Modular Coil Spring Buffer Innovation!

Garden Grove, Calif. February 27, 2024 — RubberShox® – a company that specializes in durable industry-leading thermoplastic and natural rubber products for the automotive aftermarket industry - is thrilled to announce that it has been granted a patent for their latest innovation, the UCSB Series modular coil spring buffer.


The UCSB is a front and rear module coil spring buffer that is shock absorbent providing a tighter, more resilient suspension. It absorbs and dissipates the shock from rough road conditions with greater driving stability while extending the life of coil springs and the suspension system. The UCSB represents a significant leap forward in vehicle suspension improvement. It allows users to easily install the correct buffer without the need to lift the vehicle or take measurements of the coil spring. Receiving this patent gives RubberShox® exclusive rights to its unique design and functionality, ensuring that customers receive unmatched quality and performance.



The UCSB series is now available for purchase on our official website at It has a starting MSRP of $50 and it is available in a quarter and half circle set. The UCSB comes with the RubberShox® 2-Year Warranty for peace of mind on product longevity.

About RubberShox®

RubberShox® is a US based company with its headquarters in California. RubberShox® specializes in durable industry-leading thermoplastic and natural rubber products to enhance the performance of automotive coil and leaf springs. The full line of coil spring buffers provides a simple solution to increase driving stability, weight tolerance, and some ground clearance, as well as extending the life of vehicle suspension systems. RubberShox® is dedicated in improving and developing advancements in the automotive aftermarket industry.

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