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Universal Modular Coil Spring Buffer

Universal Modular Coil Spring Buffer

RubberShox® UCSB Series Front-Rear automobile module coil spring buffer /booster is a shock absorbing lift kit that provides a tighter, more resilient suspension. This absorbs and dissipates the shock from rough road conditions with greater driving stability while extending the life of coil springs and the suspension system.


  • Hassle-free modular design simplifies buffer selection and installation.
  • Buffer can be selected without lifting the vehicle to obtain gap measurement.
  • Environmentally friendly natural rubber resists coil abrasion, oil, salt, gravel, and UV radiation.
  • Enhances driving stability while extending suspension system and coil spring life.
  • UCSB series provide support/aid to Automotive Coil Spring shock absorbers 
  • (2 sets per pack – Multiple modules can be used for fitting coil spring gaps). 
  • Designed for cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks, with coil spring suspension systems and provides up to 1" of ground clearance.
  • Up to 2" of ground clearance can be achieved if buffers are installed with Rubber Block Boosters.
  • Fits most vehicles with coil spring gaps between 0.3" and 3.35" after lifted
  • Enhances stability and dramatically reduces suspension component noise and vibration.
  • Prevents coil sagging with a reinforced suspension. 
  • The suspension system is protected from harsh road conditions, which absorbs shocks and dissipates them while extending coil spring life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • US-based company and support. In stock with a 2-year warranty and lifetime

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